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We Pray, We Praise, We Preach Christ. This is Where you Belong!

Mission & Vision



Prayer – Teaching, preaching, and raising people who can pray and maintain their place of dominion and Godly authority in the realm of the spirit



Our vision is to be a congregation that grows spiritually and holistically through the word of God



Relationship is everything

God’s Dwelling Place

Pastor Hannah received

the call of God in 2010 to

bring people into a deeper

relationship with God, and

the church first began as a

home fellowship in Malmo


2012 she relocated to

Canada and inaugurated

God’s Dwelling Place

Pentecostal Church of God

in 2016.

She ministers under the

anointing of the Holy

Spirit, calling people to

salvation, prayer, fasting,

and deliverance.


PRAYER: We are a praying church (individuals) and what this means is that we teach people how to pray effectively and also stand in the gap for those who are still struggling with the area of prayer in their Christian walk.

COMMUNION:  Building relationships with God and with man. We are a church with Agape love and we commune in oneness.

COUNSELLING: We counsel people with the word of God, irrespective of the situation they find themselves

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Phone: (416) 477-2712

Business No: 76193972Rp0001

Email: info@goddwellingp.com

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